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With SolarChoice Heaters turn the thermostat down and turn your energy savings up


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SolarChoice Heaters are breakthrough passive solar heaters that masquerade as vertical window blinds. These innovative heaters can significantly reduce your heating bills and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. It's a smart, simple way to generate clean, renewable heat with a solar heater that is the newest application of solar heating technology.

SolarChoice Heaters are easy to install and require no moving parts or connections. From the moment they're put in place you start generating free heat from the sun and lowering your heating bills. And SolarChoice heaters are planet positive. You get all this from a SolarChoice vertical blind window treatment - the only window treatment that heats and insulates.

After referring to our How To Measure guide, use the calculator below to determine the cost of your SolarChoice Heaters.

Calculate Area and Cost

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How do SolarChoice Heaters work? Appearing and operating as vertical window treatments, SolarChoice Heaters draw cool air into the bottom of each solar heating blind. As air travels up each vane and along the solar heated, aluminum core it exits the top and re-circulates into the room at temperatures up to 120 degrees. It's a simple passive solar heater that generates heat to help reduce your heating bills.

An R-value of 1.73 helps SolarChoice Heaters retain the free heat they generate in your home or office. With the insulation equivalent of many double pane, gas-filled windows SolarChoice Heaters are designed to keep the heat in your home or office during the fall and winter and help insulate against air conditioning loss during warm weather months.